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Construction Accounting 101: Principles and Best Practices

Construction accounting is a unique branch of accounting that reflects the specific financial needs of contractors and construction companies. It’s not a parallel universe, but it’s worth knowing some important differences between construction accounting and other types of business accounting. Construction projects are usually larger and more complex than other types of business venture. So, […]

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8 Construction Subs Management Tips To Improve their Productivity

If you want your construction company to succeed in big projects and meet the expectations of your clients, knowing how to manage your construction subs is a must. The quality of your project largely depends on them, and if you fail to choose the right construction subs and oversee them properly, the construction rework is […]

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Key Construction Company Goals Leading to a Successful Growth

The construction industry is huge: it is among the largest sectors in the world economy, and by 2023, the industry is forecasted to reach approximately §10 trillion. This said, it is not easy to start a construction company that will instantly be able to compete with the already established big companies in the industry.  That’s […]

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