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Construction Blog

How to Start a Construction Company: Requirements, Tips & Techniques

Starting a construction company can be one of the most exciting ideas. Maybe you’ve dreamt about it since childhood, imagining how you would build the most notorious buildings in your city and manage the construction crew. Or maybe you got inspired by your friend who’s started his construction business and had a pretty huge success.  […]

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Construction Blog

7 Construction Technology Trends In 2022

It is hard to believe that two years have already passed after the first Covid outbreak. While the pandemic impacted all of us differently, the sectors centered on the domestic market were hurt the most. During 2020, the construction industry had remarkably lower economic activity levels, which resulted in the sector’s contraction by -12.7 percent.  […]

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Construction Blog

Construction Project Management: Types, phases, Strategies And More

Table of Contents Construction Management Evolution/History Types of Construction Projects2.1. Residential Building2.2. Institutional And Commercial Building2.3. Specialized Industrial Construction2.4. Infrastructure And Heavy Construction2.5. Environmental Construction2.6. Agricultural Construction Construction Roles Types Of Construction Contracts4.1. Fixed-Price Contract4.2. Time and Material Contracts4.3. Cost-reimbursement Contract Construction Project Management Stages5.1. Conceptualization5.2. Planning5.3. The execution5.4. Project Monitoring Construction Project Management Processes6.1. […]

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Buildern Launches its Construction Management Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Something new for small & medium construction businesses Buildern – a complete residential construction management software created to facilitate a flawless experience both for home building and commercial construction industries. It has just officially entered the market.As an all-in-one B2B solution, Buildern comes to fill the gap of construction project management tools desperately needed by […]

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Construction Blog

Key Construction Company Goals Leading to a Successful Growth

The construction industry is huge: it is among the largest sectors in the world economy, and by 2023, the industry is forecasted to reach approximately §10 trillion. This said, it is not easy to start a construction company that will instantly be able to compete with the already established big companies in the industry.  That’s […]

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