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The Best Project Management Tools for Construction in 2023

Technology has come a long way in the construction industry. Statistics claim that over 94% of general contracts use at least one solution to monitor and manage their project. Data has become the backbone of any project. While past generations managed projects with paper and Excel, the modern generation has moved on to cloud-based applications […]

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Construction Blog

Construction Accounting 101: Principles and Best Practices

Construction accounting is a unique branch of accounting that reflects the specific financial needs of contractors and construction companies. It’s not a parallel universe, but it’s worth knowing some important differences between construction accounting and other types of business accounting. Construction projects are usually larger and more complex than other types of business venture. So, […]

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Construction Blog

3 Proven Ways to Master Construction Time Management

Time is money! Time management is not just about meeting deadlines, but also creating a construction schedule that minimizes costs and wasted time and resources. This statement is especially true in construction, where a single day of delays could mean the loss of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Still, delays happen to […]

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Construction Blog

Key Construction Company Goals Leading to a Successful Growth

The construction industry is huge: it is among the largest sectors in the world economy, and by 2023, the industry is forecasted to reach approximately §10 trillion. This said, it is not easy to start a construction company that will instantly be able to compete with the already established big companies in the industry.  That’s […]

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Buildern Launches its Construction Management Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Something new for small & medium construction businesses Buildern – a complete residential construction management software created to facilitate a flawless experience both for home building and commercial construction industries. It has just officially entered the market.As an all-in-one B2B solution, Buildern comes to fill the gap of construction project management tools desperately needed by […]

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