Buildern Launches its Construction Management Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Buildern Launches its Construction Management Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Something new for small & medium construction businesses

Buildern – a complete residential construction management software created to facilitate a flawless experience both for home building and commercial construction industries. It has just officially entered the market.
As an all-in-one B2B solution, Buildern comes to fill the gap of construction project management tools desperately needed by small to medium construction companies and general contractors alike. It is designed to become a universal solution for managing construction projects through:

  •  streamlining all ongoing customer relationship management (CRM),
  •  operational, financial, administrative processes related to end-to-end construction management.

А one-click solution

As a construction management software, Buildern is created to become a one-click solution for managing all aspects of complex project processes.  The main idea is to simplify those processes so that even a lifelong “paperwork fan” manager could make the transition easily. A user-friendly platform offers an intuitive flow: from pre-sales and administrative activities up to day-to-day project and financial management. But the benefits of Buildern are much more than just a user-friendly interface.

  • Free CRM
  • Extremely scalable platform
  • Three subscription plans
  • 30-day free trial
  • End-to-end automation of construction project management
  • Email notification
  • Expansive file library

“Free Construction CRM” sounds unique 

Buildern CRM Screenshot

Aside from its ease of use, Buildern’s main advantage or even uniqueness is the free CRM. The free CRM option enables users to add current clients, existing opportunities, and potential leads:

  • Scheduling and logging all pre-sale activities;
  • Creating and building out estimates;
  • Utilizing the cost catalog to make accurate, custom-prepared proposals.
  • Pre-sales lead tracking and management: this feature is part of Buildern CRM and will facilitate the preparation of bids, RFIs and RFPs:
  • Tracking progress for effective leads management;
  • Following up on proposals.

How it works

Buildern comes in full capabilities to automate the entire lifecycle of construction project management: from pre-sales activities such as following up on leads, creating and submitting proposals with estimates to securing contracts, to ongoing project management and its financial aspects. The way Buildern works allows users to keep their construction projects running smoothly, on schedule & provide complete cost monitoring and allow them to easily avoid any budget overruns, all the while ensuring dynamic communication through all project stakeholders.

Why Buildern?

  • It’s simple, easy to use and offers you a lot of hints throughout the software․
  • The CRM is completely free of charge. Just send winning proposals and get projects. 
  •  It offers you competitive subscription plans tailored to your business scale and needs. 
  •  All in one solution. It guides you from the first contact with client to the successful completion of your projects. And we are constantly expanding our functionality and scaling the platform based on your business needs.
  • Seamless experience and easy navigation through interconnected features (for example:  if you have separate reports for various types of orders, bills, etc. –  you can find all that information compiled within the budget).
  • Full visibility for clients and trade partners without forcing them to log in to the system.
  • The Pay-per-project plan is coming. It will enable construction companies and general contractors, who are just starting with one or two projects, to take a more controlled approach.
  • Buildern is expanding the stack and will be releasing new field-to-office communication features covering RFIs, submittals, work logs, timesheets, and all other aspects of construction management that need to be handled from the field.

“When creating Buildern we wanted to meet the growing need of small to medium construction companies and provide them with a platform that is truly intuitive, easy-to-use, with minimum time and effort required for setup, as well as offers all the necessary features and functionalities that best meet their current business needs, without them overpaying for features they won’t be using at the specific stage of their company’s growth journey.”

Buildern Founder and CEO Hmayak Tigranyan

Subscription Plans

Buildern CRM Screenshot

Buildern offers 3  subscription plans:

Free Plan (free CRM included) for those who just do first steps in the construction business;
Buildern Starter plan for general contractors and homebuilders;
Buildern Pro for companies that have already signed income-generating projects.

By choosing the option that best suits the current needs of their companies, the users can scale up naturally as they grow their businesses.

Check out all the plans in detail, compare the features, and pick the best one for you.