The Best Project Management Tools for Construction in 2023

The Best Project Management Tools for Construction in 2023

Technology has come a long way in the construction industry. Statistics claim that over 94% of general contracts use at least one solution to monitor and manage their project. Data has become the backbone of any project. While past generations managed projects with paper and Excel, the modern generation has moved on to cloud-based applications and project management tools for construction, sparing time, money, and effort.

There are a plethora of benefits that technology has brought to the construction industry. Remember the days when allocating and managing the construction budget turned into a nightmare due to a lack of transparency? Not speaking about how challenging inadequate resource planning would turn if you didn’t have a clear overview of all your projects. Fortunately, with the latest technological advancements, construction managers can now get real-time updates and insights into every aspect of their projects.

But here’s a thing to consider. With so many project management tools available, how do you know yours is the best fit for the projects?

The answer is simple. 

You don’t have to go through the hassle of trying out all the available options. We’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of the top 6 project management tools for construction in 2023.

Before going in too deep, let’s understand the idea behind the professional approach to construction management and clarify what benefits you can expect from using a project management tool on your next project.

What Is Construction Management?

Project management is a complex and challenging process that can either upscale your business or break it if poorly implemented. Besides professional skills and experience, managers should have an organized approach, excellent communication abilities, and a deep understanding of the process.

Construction management is a branch of project management that deals with the planning, coordination, and execution of construction projects. Of course, your presence on the construction site is crucial for maintaining quality control and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Construction project management in practice

However, that’s not the only thing to worry about. Construction managers are responsible for ensuring all project goals and objectives are met in accordance with the deadlines. Having all project data, including but not limited to schedules, costs, invoices, and bills, in one place will make your job much easier.

Moreover, construction management involves applying professional principles and techniques to construction projects. It includes planning, coordination, monitoring, and control of all aspects of the construction process.

What Is Construction Project Management Software?

Technology has become an integral part of construction management, with various project management tools and software available to help construction managers streamline their workflow. Specialized software is a tool that helps you plan, monitor, and control all aspects of your construction project on a single platform.

It is a lifesaver for managing construction projects of all sizes, from small residential projects to large-scale commercial developments. The software is designed to help construction managers in every step of the project management process, from pre-construction to post-construction.

Sometimes managers may need to combine several tools as some platforms only focus on specific aspects of construction project management. Sooner or later, this can cause you more harm than good, as it would be difficult to keep track of all the data.

The best tools provide an all-in-one solution for managing every at once. This includes total control over invoicing and payments, enhanced collaboration with project stakeholders, real-time updates on the progress of your construction project, schedule tracking, and more.

So, how do you find and choose the right construction project management software for your needs? In the next section, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the top 6 tools to help you make an informed decision for the future of your project.

6 Best Project Management Tools for Construction in 2023


All-in-One Construction Project Management Tool

The best tool for construction project management


  • Integrates with the major accounting software: Xero and QuickBooks
  • From estimating to invoicing, scheduling, accounting and schedule management – the software has everything for a smooth workflow


  • Lacks banking integrations

Buildern is a comprehensive construction project management tool with advanced integrations and powerful features. It is suitable for any construction project, from small residential to remodeling and renovation projects and more.

The software helps users solve issues such as:

  • Slow invoicing and delayed payments
  • Challenges with multiple construction site management
  • Chaotic documentation flow, and more

It has everything you need to manage the entire construction project lifecycle, from pre-sales processes to post-construction.

Buildern is focused on automation and collaboration, so its duty is to help you track, plan and manage the project faster. The scheduling module has flexible options for creating and assigning tasks to streamline the entire workflow. Users can create Gantt charts with all the tasks and easily add new ones in minutes.

Construction workflow schedule gantt chart online
Construction Scheduling Software

Construction accounting is not ordinary accounts management but a unique branch representing every aspect of a construction business’s legal and financial side. Fortunately, Buildern makes this process easier by providing access to invoicing and automated payments. It also has an accounting module that integrates with the major software, including Xero and QuickBooks, making it easier to track expenses and control cash flow.

Xero and QuickBooks integration with project management tool
Accounting Software Integration Steps

Although the software does not have banking integrations yet, it’s an all-in-one tool designed to replace several assisting platforms and make the construction management process effortless.


Workforce Planning

Bridgit software homepage


  • Scenario planning features for future project-related predictions


  • Limited reporting features
  • Lacks pricing information on the official website

Initially designed as a workforce planning platform for the construction industry, Bridgit helps managers maximize profits and minimize project risks by accurately predicting schedules and resources. The lack of intelligent workforce allocating threatens the overall progress of a project. Thus, preventing potential losses caused by such miscalculations has been the top focus area for developers.

Forecasting is essential for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game and anticipate potential issues before they arise. With the ability to create scenario plans, tools like Bridgit allow construction managers to oversee their projects’ current and future state, enabling them to make more informed decisions faster. The platform has an astounding capability to plan an entire project pipeline for up to five years ahead.

The scenario planning feature helps see the bigger picture for short-term and long-term planning. With Bridgit, construction managers can plan their workforce accordingly and ensure the project remains on schedule and within the estimated budget.

While the platform is designed explicitly for workforce planning, it still needs some powerful reporting features that could help present data in a comprehensive manner. And the lack of pricing information on the official website makes it difficult to obtain a clear understanding of the cost involved.

Oracle Aconex

Collaboration Between Teams

Oracle Aconex homepage image


  • Real-time collaboration between remote teams
  • Easy-to-use interface with the advanced abilities to store and find documents


  • Doesn’t support multiple tabbed windows
  • Pricing available upon request

When looking for collaborative construction project management software, Oracle Aconex can be a great choice. It helps project teams work together effectively in real time, regardless of location, time zone, or language. The platform offers many advanced features to keep teams connected, including task management, document control, and budgeting.

A mutual data environment is what most platforms lack. At the same time, it is crucial for projects that involve multiple stakeholders. Oracle Aconex provides a secure, cloud-based system for storing and finding documents in an organized manner. Accessing updated information regardless of the time and location means having total control over the project.

The tool has been designed with team collaboration, making it convenient and accessible to everyone involved. The intuitive interface lets users focus on the task, with easy access to important documents. However, the website lacks official pricing information, as each business using Oracle Aconex gets a custom-tailored subscription plan. This is an advantage for those looking for a bespoke solution. Nevertheless, many users prefer having a clear understanding of what to expect before filling in their card details.

Also, Oracle Aconex doesn’t support multiple tabbed windows, making it difficult to access more than one feature simultaneously. Still, its intuitive user interface and automated workflows make it a good choice for those looking for comprehensive remote team collaboration features.


Communication Between Field and Office

Revizto homepage image


  • 2D/3D environment for a better understanding of the project
  • Real-time issue tracker


  • Crashes may be a frequent issue for larger projects
  • Relatively higher prices

Revizto is a cloud-based building information modeling (BIM) tool providing real-time updates for architecture, engineering, and construction projects. It allows project teams to track, manage and report their progress in a virtual workspace.

Revizto stands out among its competitors with its ability to view 3D models in real time. The visualization feature enables users to identify and report problems in time for immediate resolution. Accessing the building field while still in the office helps to monitor the progress and control team performance.

The platform includes a powerful issue tracker, allowing users to create, assign and track tasks. This eliminates the need for additional tools for task management and brings everyone on the same page. Moreover, the real-time issue tracker can replace paper documents, making it easier and more efficient to communicate between the field and the office.

Advanced technological solutions require an adequate budget. Revizto may be too expensive for smaller projects or those just starting. The platform has three subscription plans, each designed to cover specific needs:

  1. Team: $85/per user/month – For teams with 10-19 members
  2. Company: $75/per user/month – For teams with 20-49 members
  3. Professional: $70/per user/month – For teams with 50+ users

Each subscription plan has access to the Clash Automation feature. It helps to identify clashes in the design and avoid costly revisions.

A powerful platform with new-generation VR immersive experiences cannot always guarantee smooth performance. Larger projects may require more powerful hardware, leading to frequent crashes that can disrupt the workflow.


Jobsite Management

Fieldwire homepage image


  • Well-organized customer service
  • Team performance tracker


  • Lagging user interface
  • Relatively higher prices

FieldWire is a cloud-based jobsite management platform that enables construction teams to plan, organize and track their projects in real-time. It helps teams stay on track and resolve potential issues faster than traditional methods.

The platform provides an intuitive interface, making it easier to access important documents and keep track of tasks even when moving. Managers can use it to automate various workflows. The features include, but don’t limit to:

As-Build Drawings: A feature offering realistic views of drawings in the field, helping deliver construction projects on time.

Team Performance Tracker: This feature helps monitor progress and productivity and identify potential issues.

Inspection: A feature allowing users to track issues, photos, and checklists in the field.

FieldWire is available in four subscription plans, ranging from Basic to Premier. While bigger construction companies may find investing in the Premier plan beneficial, those looking for basic features can try out the free version. It has limited storage and lacks certain advanced features, but it can be enough for small projects.

  1. Basic: $0 – Has a 5-user limit and includes features like instant messaging, task management, file sharing, etc.
  2. Pro: $39/per user/month – Supports an unlimited number of sheets and projects and includes features like reports and exports, Revit plugin, sheet compare, etc.
  3. Business: $59/per user/month – Includes advanced features like 360° photos, BIM viewer, Box/Dropbox/OneDrive sync, etc.
  4. Premier: $99/per user/month – Connects the platform to the core corporate technology and includes features like API access and support, Single sign-on, additional training programs, etc.

FieldWire is an excellent tool for teams that need to stay connected and organized. However, it may have a slower user interface compared to other platforms. As a rule, this happens due to heavy workloads in large projects.


Document Management

Smartuse homepage image


  • Enhanced team collaboration ensures all team members have аccess to the correct information


  • The learning curve is steep
  • Inability to view drawings and documents offline

SmartUse is a document management platform designed specifically for the construction industry. It helps teams organize and manage documents in a secure and easy-to-find way. The platform allows companies to keep records on a single platform enabling all team members to access up-to-date information quickly.

Subscription plans include two packages with set pricing options and one with custom pricing.

  1. Standard: $49/per user/month – For smaller teams supporting less than five users, including all major features
  2. Team: $39/per user/month – For teams supporting 5+ users, including all major features
  3. Enterprise: Pricing upon request – For larger teams, includes API integration and a dedicated customer success manager

Some features users love in SmartUse include creating and managing records such as documents, drawings, and sketches. Teams can access documents with different permission levels. This helps keep everyone on the same page, and all team members can access the information they need without relying on multiple communication methods. While the platform is mainly for document management purposes, several users claim it’s still challenging to understand all the features.

Overall, SmartUse is an excellent platform for teams that need to collaborate on documents and share them across departments.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Ideal Construction Project Management Software

Companies investing in project management tools for construction look for a guiding hand to support their teams with better organizing and managing their projects. The software should be an efficient tool and possess the capabilities to improve team communication, manage budgets, integrate with other supportive platforms, etc.

Thus, before linking your credit card to the software’s website, it’s essential to consider it corresponds to the following criteria:

Accurate Reporting

Data management is the cornerstone asset of any construction project. All parties involved in a particular project depend on the data accuracy for decision-making, budget control, and overall success. In fact, the notion of big data affects almost every field of human activity today.

Over 80% of big data has been created in the last 12 months. IBM research highlights the importance of accurate reporting to collect and store data properly.

Still, while the market becomes flooded by various platforms, the technology should align with the company’s needs. When it comes to construction projects, the lack of optimal solutions leaves much to be desired.


Online integration for construction project management

Connecting your project management tool with existing systems is a major plus. Ideally, the software should easily integrate with other systems like CRM, accounting and invoicing software, HR tools, etc.

The more integrations a tool has, the more scalable it becomes for a larger business. Features like estimating, invoicing, creating daily log scheduling, and more are the building blocks of every construction project. Systems that can integrate with third-party platforms to create seamless project management workflow are worth the investment. Of course, the best outcome would be finding software with built-in modules to implement all the core actions without leaving their dashboard. While most tools described above focus on a specific area of practice, one tool offers an all-in-one solution – Buildern.

The main benefit of using such software is that it eliminates the need to use multiple platforms for different project stages. A single unified platform allows the team to easily track project progress and deliver results faster.

Schedule Management

Project management and scheduling in practice

Adherence to timelines is an essential part of construction project management. Missing deadlines can easily lead to financial losses and diminish the quality of the work. Moreover, the lack of schedule management can cause stakeholders to lose confidence in the team.

Thus, having a tool like Buildern that can automatically generate reports and set up alerts for upcoming deadlines will help teams stay on top of their tasks.

With a proper project management tool in place, construction companies can easily manage budgets, comply with regulations and keep a close eye on the progress of their projects.

Monitoring the project’s real-time progress is the key to avoiding unwanted issues. A feature like daily log scheduling can become an excellent addition for those who need an extra layer of control. It allows managers to assign tasks and see who is working on what and when.

Change Orders

Change orders for construction project management, woman observing construction drawings

Statistics claim that over 35% of projects face at least one major change throughout their development. This can be caused by various external factors, such as weather, technology issues, or unexpected modifications required by the client.

The term “change orders” implies contract modifications during construction project development. This can include time/cost extensions and changes in material costs. Sometimes even the scope of the project might change.

Every construction company must have an efficient tool that can handle such changes. Reliable software should have pre-built change order templates that can be easily edited and approved by the client. This will help keep the project updated and in line with the requirements.

Whether it’s slow invoicing and delayed payments, inadequate planning, or low technology adoption, a professional tool can help you solve the unwanted consequences of poor project management.

So, what’s the most optimal solution for your next construction project?

Why Choose Buildern?

Let’s put it straight, if a comprehensive, unified and secure platform is what you need, Buildern is the answer!

The software offers a unique combination of construction project management, budgeting, and scheduling features that can help you achieve the desired results in no time. It doesn’t concentrate on providing single-functionality but offers an all-in-one solution to help you finish the job on time and provide the highest quality.

Why spend money on multiple subscriptions and lose time using multiple platforms when you can get everything in a single place?

Sounds reasonable, right?

Taking the next project to a higher and more respectable level will position your company on the market like never before. Buildern can provide a complete set of features to help you efficiently manage your construction projects.

Professional doesn’t mean pricey! Buildern is a cost-effective answer to the builders’ prayers.

Free builders software for construction project management

Final Words

In conclusion, construction projects have been running without technology for centuries, but it’s time to transition toward a more efficient and secure system.

Today’s research dwelled upon the importance of using software that has the capacity to manage every single aspect of pre-construction, construction and post-construction processes. 

Now you know that a trustworthy platform must:

  • Provide Accurate Reports. Instead of getting lost in the sea of big data, professional solutions should ensure that the project is on track and within budget while covering all the crucial aspects of project management.
  • Offer Change Order Support. With Buildern, you can set up change orders and other project-specific financial data and let stakeholders approve or reject the changes in no time.
  • Manage Schedules and Tasks. Having task management capabilities is the key to orderly progress and success. Investing in advanced solutions like Buildern means delivering the construction project without delays and costly mistakes.
  • Integrate with others. Finally, the ability to efficiently manage data and tasks throughout the entire project lifecycle with third-party integration capabilities means stepping ahead of your competitors. Incorporating a powerful platform can help you create and maintain an efficient workflow while ensuring the project is safely stored in a secure cloud server.

Buildern is the perfect fit for companies who want to be on top of their game and deliver projects according to clients’ expectations. Thus, when choosing tools for 2023 project management, you now know what suits your team best!