Construction CRM: What Is It and How to Choose the Best One?

Construction CRM: What Is It and How to Choose the Best One?

Are you tired of scattered project data, missed deadlines, and communication breakdowns on your construction sites?

With your competitors growing stronger day by day, staying ahead demands more than just hard hats and blueprints. It requires construction CRM to help you with project execution from start to finish. 

But why not use a standard CRM and how to choose the right construction CRM system for your business?

Read further to find the answers!

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What Is CRM in Construction?

Standing for customer relationship management, CRM is simply a software solution that helps companies manage their clients. Working with CRM implies developing a systematized approach to client engagement and project management. 

Your daily workflows aimed at improving your customer relationship process have a single ultimate goal, and that is to make your customers feel like they are the only ones. And that is how software automation helps.

Construction CRM is nothing but a platform where builders keep track of their clients, projects, and interactions in an organized and efficient manner. It is a centralized hub for managing client information, construction-related files, etc.

The benefits of using CRM for construction industry are numerous to mention a few:

  1. Estimating the initial project costs and generating tailored proposals to win the projects;
  2. Acting as a single source of truth for the whole construction team;
  3. Integrating with third-party software to improve the workflow (i.e., accounting integrations);
  4. Improved project management with built-in scheduling, milestone tracking, and resource managing capabilities.
  5. Keeping all your clients and subs data in a single place,
  6. Creating price catalogs and databases to make the workflow and later selections easier and simpler.

This centralized database streamlines the decision-making process, ensuring quick access to vital information and facilitating effective communication across all project participants.

Are Your Competitors Using Construction CRM?

Construction industry statistics show that:

  • 92% of businesses believe that CRM technology is crucial for achieving their goals
  • 91% of companies employing over 10 workers use CRM on a daily basis

This makes a significant portion of the construction industry embracing CRM solutions. 

So, yes! 

Your direct competitors are most probably using CRM for builders, and you cannot simply miss out!

That’s why we are here with a deal! ⤵️

Construction CRM Software Every Builder Deserves to Have in Their Arsenal

When every lead you gain has the potential to turn into a promising project, having the toolset for efficient lead management becomes the key to a business’s success. And construction companies are no exception.

What we offer is giving a try to Buildern’s construction CRM tools and doing business faster and better.

Buildern isn’t a CRM, it’s a dynamic platform integrating construction-tailored solutions under 3 major modules:

  1. Pre-construction
  2. Project management
  3. Financial management

Although CRM is placed within our pre-construction module, tools integrated here are used throughout the whole construction project lifecycle.

From creating estimates to sending proposals and keeping the client communication clear and transparent, Buildern has it all and beyond!

Words do speak louder, but let’s see how the process works with real projects.

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Custom-Made Proposals for All New Clients

A construction proposal is a document that outlines the scope of work, conveying the proficiency and willingness to work seriously.

Moreover, proposals can make or break your business. 

A well-crafted proposal helps builders present all their expertise, capabilities, and commitment to potential clients in a clear and compelling manner. By detailing project requirements, timelines, and deliverables, a professional proposal sets the stage for a successful collaboration and helps to avoid any misunderstandings during the project completion phase.

On the other hand, a poorly designed proposal can create more questions than answers. 

The reason for this can be different in various cases. One thing is that proposals serve as both a sales brochure and a contract. It is crucial to provide accurate information while also talking your clients into choosing your services.

A poorly constructed proposal may lack clarity, fail to address key concerns, or contain inaccuracies that erode client confidence and trust.

The team behind Buildern acknowledges the pivotal role proposals play for your business. For us it’s not just a document but a strategic tool that sets the tone for the entire client-builder relationship. With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive suite of pre-construction tools to help you stay competitive in your industry. 

Remember: A well-crafted proposal sets the stage for success. Consider setting realistic goals with definite payment milestones, have the finances outlined as precisely as possible, and include a terms and conditions section to secure all parties in case of unexpected changes.

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Client Portal

Buildern’s client portal offers clients a comprehensive overview of their projects, providing transparency and clarity every step of the way. Clients can easily access vital project information such as proposals and finances including invoices and change orders, all conveniently consolidated in one centralized location.

With Buildern’s CRM, communication with clients is made effortless. No more endless email threads and miscommunication!

The client portal streamlines communication by providing a centralized platform where clients can access selections, allowances, daily logs, todos, and files related to their projects.

The client portal in Buildern facilitates collaboration and decision-making by keeping everything centralized and easily accessible.

Every time you issue an invoice or send a selection, your client will receive a notification via email

Flexible File Management System

Buildern’s document management functionality offers users a dynamic and intuitive platform to streamline document control and enhance collaboration. At the heart of this system lies a hierarchical folder structure similar to Google Drive, providing users with a friendly interface to organize and access critical documents.

You can upload all your project-related documents, files, drawings, and images to Buildern and have your stuff neatly organized in one place. 

Changes reflected in real-time through the construction and financial project documentation are the key to adequate day-to-day progress. Prioritizing this, Buildern keeps construction projects within the framework of controllable, safe, and profitable management. 

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How to Choose the Right Construction CRM Software for Your Company

Disclaimer! It’s Buildern! 🔝

Conduct a quick research and you’ll see that finding the right CRM may turn into a nightmare with such a vast array of offerings. 

We’ve worked hard to collect feedback and insights from our clients to develop construction CRM software that meets the unique needs and challenges of the industry. 

What makes Buildern stand out is our commitment to building lasting partnerships and helping you achieve your business goals (and keeping literally everything related to your projects in a single place).

But here’s a bit of food for thought if you are still unsure whether Buildern can become your go-to choice.

Selecting the appropriate construction CRM software involves more than just evaluating its features.

Start with setting realistic goals and ask yourself:

  1. What are the primary pain points or challenges in my current project management and client communication processes?
  2. What features and functionalities are essential for addressing these pain points and achieving my business goals?
  3. What is my budget allocation for implementing and maintaining the construction CRM software, including initial setup costs and ongoing subscription fees?
  4. How user-friendly and scalable is the CRM software?
  5. Does it offer integration capabilities with my existing tools and systems?
  6. How reliable is the customer support and what training resources are available?
  7. What security measures does the CRM software have in place to protect sensitive data?

These are the key things to ask yourself while looking through the reviews and software presentations. Once you have a clear understanding of your specific needs and requirements, compare different construction CRM software options based on these criteria to find the best fit for your company. 

But that’s not everything. As we aim to leave you with the maximum of benefits, here are a few more aspects worth considering.

Customer Support

Does the software offer a comprehensive suite of customer support services, including live chat, phone support, email support, and knowledge base resources? 

Evaluate the responsiveness and expertise of the software provider’s support team to ensure you receive timely assistance and guidance when encountering challenges or issues. 

As surprising as it may sound, you may come across software that offers subscription plans even for the support packages! Choosing such software will mean potentially paying extra for essential assistance, which could significantly impact your overall investment and user experience.

A proactive and knowledgeable support team can make a significant difference in maximizing the value and effectiveness of your construction CRM software.

This can be the case if you set Buildern as your primary construction project management platform.

We offer multiple channels for support:

  • Self-service help center with 24/7 availability for all software users (regardless of their subscription plan)
  • Customer support chat
  • 1-1 demo with a project manager

We also provide extensive resources and insights on the official blog and YouTube tutorials.

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What is the reputation and track record of the software vendor?

Look for reviews, testimonials, and case studies from other users to learn more about their experience and satisfaction with the software and its support team.

Surf through prominent review channels like G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, etc., and see what others have to share about the software you are about to invest in. This can help you make informed decisions based on real user experiences and insights.

By choosing a reputable and respected software vendor, you can have greater confidence in the reliability, performance, and long-term viability of the construction CRM software solution you select.

Just a mild hint ⤵️

Buildern Reviews and User Ratings

G2 Rating

Capterra Rating

Initial Setup

Does the software you choose offer two-way integrations with other tools to make the data transition smoother? 

When considering construction CRM software, it’s crucial to assess the ease and efficiency of the initial setup process. One key aspect is whether the software allows data transition from other platforms. This ensures that information flows seamlessly between your new and existing tools. 

For instance, by opting for Buildern’s two-way accounting integration with Xero and QuickBooks, you will no longer have to manually transfer financial data between systems, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.

This kind of integration allows Buildern to record and track all your financial transactions automatically, eliminating the need for analytical skills. The calculations will be automatically applied to all your bills, invoices, and budgets across the projects.

Customization Capabilities

Look for intuitive navigation and customization options. While choosing a CRM for your construction business, it’s important to select the one that meets your team’s specific needs.

A one-size-fits-all approach may not work for every company, and different teams might have different project management requirements.

Customization will imply the abovementioned integration capabilities. But it will also mean that you can add and track custom data, create selections, work on takeoffs, and automate workflows.

For example, Buildern lets you set user permissions, turn on/off and reorder columns in your budget, add personalized logos to proposals and reports, and more.

This may not seem like a big deal but these small customizations can make a significant difference in streamlining your construction processes and improving overall efficiency.

The Bottom Thoughts

We could continue listing an array of considerations and features to look for when selecting a CRM platform for your construction project management. Yet, a critical factor is how well the software aligns with your business goals and has the flexibility and scalability to support your business as it evolves and grows.

Before making a decision, take the time to assess your current processes, identify pain points, and define clear objectives for implementing customer relationship management. 

And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to software providers for demos, trials, and consultations. 

Opt for all-in-one solutions enjoyed by Buildern users and bring effectiveness and clarity to your daily work!

Schedule a demo now to see how Buildern can streamline your workflows, enhance client communication, and drive business growth. 

Happy building! 🏗️

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