Top 10+ Procore Alternatives to Boost Construction Efficiency

Top 10+ Procore Alternatives to Boost Construction Efficiency

Strap on your hard hat and get ready to unleash a whirlwind of productivity. Those looking to upscale and explore new construction project management alternatives to Procore have finally found a treasure trove of possibilities. 

The construction industry is evolving, and so should your tools. It’s time to step into the future, where innovation and efficiency reign supreme.

Several reports claim that in 2021, the global construction management software market size was valued at $9.3 billion. Today, it is estimated to reach $24.9 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 10.2% from 2022 to 2031.

Investing in construction project management software can be a game-changer for your business, providing numerous benefits and advantages that can greatly enhance your operations. 

Of course, Procore may have served you well. Yet, exploring new possibilities will help you upscale your business and reach heights. From streamlined processes to efficient resource management and real-time project updates, having a reliable software solution at hand will help your business thrive in a competitive environment.

Let’s dive in to discover!

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Procore Alternatives Worth Your Attention

While Procore has established itself as a popular construction project management software, there are several compelling reasons why individuals and organisations might consider exploring alternative options.

First and foremost, different construction projects have unique requirements, and a one-size-fits-all solution may not always be the best fit. That means not all project management software solutions are created equal.

Moreover, the dynamic nature of the construction industry requires solutions that can quickly adapt to changing conditions and provide significant value for users. Features like cost considerations, specific feature needs, integration capabilities, and user preferences all play a role in the decision-making process. Of course, the software provides better value for money if it is well-suited to your project’s needs.

1. Buildern – The Only Procore Alternative You’ll Need!

When it comes to meeting the unique needs of builders, Buildern takes the lead as the ultimate solution. Designed to address the specific challenges builders face, this comprehensive construction project management software offers a range of tailored features and functionalities that cater to their essential professional requirements. 

Buildern equips builders with a powerful toolkit for efficient project scheduling and estimation, seamless management of bid requests, purchase orders, and change variations, streamlined accounting workflows, robust reporting and analytics capabilities, and much more. 

With Buildern by your side, builders can confidently tackle their projects with precision and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and successful construction journey.

Buildern Pricing

Learn more on the official website

Construction Features You Will Love!

Scheduling with Gantt Charts

Buildern goes above and beyond other Procore alternatives by offering a more intuitive and user-centric experience, along with enhanced customisation options. Buildern’s scheduling module empowers users to effortlessly create workflows that are easily navigable, breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable parts and assigning them to individual team members.

Construction scheduling software online

The interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring seamless navigation and efficient task allocation. Not only does it provide a concise list view of the project timeline, but it also offers the powerful functionality of Gantt charts. 

These serve as comprehensive visualisations of the entire project, enabling users to easily identify dependencies, track progress, and effectively manage timelines.

What truly sets Buildern apart is its commitment to flexibility and customisation. Users have the freedom to tailor their scheduling preferences and make adjustments that perfectly align with the unique requirements of their projects. Whether it’s adding baselines, defining milestones, or making modifications to the project schedule, Buildern equips users with the tools to create a personalised and optimised scheduling experience.

Construction Estimation

Accurate estimation is a cornerstone of successful construction projects, and Buildern stands out as a top-notch Procore alternative by providing robust features that bridge the gap between estimation and construction management.

Estimation for clients showing the approximate construction prices

With Buildern’s advanced estimation capabilities, users can generate comprehensive and precise estimates using project plans, takeoffs, and a vast database of cost data for materials and construction equipment. The platform offers a range of options for creating estimates, allowing for customisable variables such as materials, labour, equipment, subcontractors, fees, allowances, and tailored assemblies tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Buildern takes a meticulous approach to estimation, taking into account crucial elements like overheads, line items, and markups. Users can input predetermined overheads, ensuring they are factored into the estimate automatically. These overheads include percentages for supervision, contingency funds, and management fees.

💡What sets Buildern apart from other alternatives to Procore is its continuous drive for improvement. 

New features are released every two weeks, meaning you will always get new and updated tools for your construction project management. See the list of upcoming features on the dedicated page.

Free construction project management software online

Construction Bid Requests

With Buildern, users can effortlessly generate precise bid requests and seamlessly distribute them to vendors and subcontractors directly through their Buildern project dashboards. Bid requests are conveniently sent via email, ensuring subcontractors receive all the necessary information to respond promptly. 

The best part?

All communications and bid responses are securely stored within Buildern’s centralized dashboard, fostering effective collaboration and ensuring everyone stays informed about project-related details and updates.

Bid requests for construction online

Buildern’s intuitive bid request feature empowers estimators and project managers to simplify the process, save valuable time, and enhance communication with subcontractors. By streamlining the bidding and procurement process for construction projects, Buildern enables efficient collaboration, maximises productivity, and boosts overall project success.

Get ready to bid adieu to complex bidding processes and embrace a streamlined approach with Buildern!

Tax Management

When it comes to tax calculations, deductions, and allowances, Buildern surpasses many other construction management tools by offering a seamless and efficient solution. Simplifying tax management like never before, this software accurately calculates taxes based on the job site’s location and the applicable tax regulations, whether you operate in the USA or Australia. With Buildern, users can also customize tax preferences, ensuring precise tax calculations for every project.

By streamlining tax management, Buildern contributes to project profitability by minimizing errors and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Managing Purchase Orders and Change Variations

Efficiently managing purchase orders (POs) and change variations is essential in the construction industry, ensuring projects remain on budget and on schedule while accurately documenting approved changes.

purchase order overview online

Creating and sending POs via Buildern’s dashboard is a breeze. From the project dashboard, you can effortlessly generate and distribute these documents directly to subcontractors and vendors added to your Buildern account. The generated POs and change variations provide detailed information, including cost codes, unit costs, quantities or units, and tax amounts.

Plus, Buildern seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero, ensuring that construction-related expenses are automatically updated between platforms for accurate financial tracking.

Free builders software for construction project management

You have the convenience of resending, withdrawing, or marking issued orders as complete, streamlining the entire procurement process. Buildern is designed to simplify every construction-related process, making it user-friendly and intuitive. Its comprehensive features and intuitive interface turn construction management into a pleasurable experience. 

Buildern’s functionality doesn’t stop there. But let’s dig a bit further to see what other Procore alternatives have to offer.

2. AccuLynx 

Acculynx homepage

AccuLynx Pricing

Available upon request

AccuLynx stands out as a cloud-based software solution designed specifically for roofing contractors, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline various aspects of roofing business operations. With seamless integration capabilities with popular software like QuickBooks, QuickMeasure, and EagleView, AccuLynx simplifies crucial processes such as estimating, job tracking and management, and customer relationship management (CRM). 

It caters to a wide range of roofing projects, including insurance restoration, retail roofing, and both residential and commercial cases.

However, while AccuLynx excels in managing roofing projects, it may not be the optimal choice for construction firms seeking a more all-encompassing project management solution. One potential drawback lies in AccuLynx’s specialization in roofing, which may limit its features and functionalities for handling other types of construction tasks. 

For construction firms that handle diverse project types, relying on multiple software platforms to manage different aspects of their projects could introduce complexities and potential inconsistencies in data management. It is crucial to consider this aspect when evaluating AccuLynx as a potential alternative to Procore.

3. Oracle Aconex 

Oracle aconex homepage

Oracle Aconex Pricing

Available upon request

As a robust cloud-based alternative to Procore, Oracle Aconex emerges as a powerful solution tailored to meet the project management needs of the construction and engineering industries. Its integrated model coordination feature promotes seamless collaboration among teams, granting real-time access to the latest project data and models, and ensuring efficient workflows.

What sets Oracle Aconex apart is its comprehensive functionality, offering advanced features encompassing communication management, document control, schedule, and cost management, as well as quality and safety control monitoring. It can be a good choice for large-scale construction companies undertaking complex, multi-party projects.

However, smaller and medium-sized projects may find the tool’s complexity a bit daunting, requiring a longer learning curve to fully leverage its capabilities. It’s important to consider the specific needs and scale of your projects when evaluating Oracle Aconex as a viable solution.

4. Corecon

Corecon homepage

Corecon Pricing

Available upon request

Corecon offers a comprehensive project management system that covers many stages, from pre-construction to project closeout, providing companies with the tools they need to maintain project timelines and achieve success. 

One standout feature that distinguishes Corecon from its competitors is its robust Pre-construction module. This module equips users with powerful capabilities, including the ability to track job opportunities and leads with precision.

Corecon’s integrations play a vital role in providing users with valuable analytics tools that enable them to monitor and analyze internal workflows effectively. These integrations enhance visibility and help identify areas for improvement, fostering efficient project management practices. Its emphasis on the Pre-construction module, coupled with its integrations and robust analytics capabilities, positions it as a valuable tool for efficiently managing construction projects from start to finish. 

However, one area where Corecon could improve is in providing readily available pricing information on the official website. The lack of transparency in pricing may create ambiguity and hinder potential customers from confidently considering Corecon as a viable Procore alternative.

5. Fieldwire

Fieldwire homepage

Fieldwire Pricing

Starting at $39 per user/month (billed annually)

Fieldwire is known for its well-developed collaboration functionality. This feature enables teams to work with up-to-date drawings and effectively align field and office operations, promoting efficient teamwork and project progress. Its primary focus is to bring together foremen and project managers onto a single platform, facilitating seamless tracking of tasks and assignments throughout the entire project lifecycle.

In addition to this, the software excels in its field management capabilities. This emphasis on field operations sets it apart as a specialized and highly effective solution.

However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported occasional system malfunctions, which could be considered a drawback. Prospective users should be aware of this aspect while evaluating Fieldwire as a potential construction management solution.

Another aspect to consider is Fieldwire’s pricing model, which is based on a per-user basis. For larger teams, this pricing structure may result in higher costs, making it essential for organisations to assess their team size and budget before making a decision.

6. Projectmates 

Projectmates homepage

Projectmates Pricing

Available upon request

Projectmates stands out as a versatile construction program management software designed specifically for owners across various industries, including retail, real estate, and government sectors. With its real-time progress tracking capabilities, Projectmates empowers owners to effectively manage projects of any scale while providing clear visibility into the entire process.

One of the key strengths of Projectmates lies in its collaborative planning and design features, which foster seamless communication and coordination between stakeholders. Through pre-built and customizable reports, submittal tools, and punch lists, Projectmates enables streamlined workflows and enhances project efficiency for all parties involved.

Capital project management is another area where Projectmates excels. The software equips owners with the tools needed to strategically plan, allocate, and track capital improvement programs (CIPs). With intuitive features and functionalities, owners can gain a comprehensive understanding of their capital projects, ensuring effective resource allocation and streamlined execution.

7. CMiC Construction Platform

Cmic homepage

CMiC Construction Platform Pricing

Available upon request

The CMiC Construction Platform is an enterprise-level software solution designed to assist contractors in effectively managing their projects, financials, and resources in a centralized location. It caters particularly to larger contractors and construction firms seeking a comprehensive platform capable of handling sizable projects. Compared to other Procore alternatives, CMiC stands out for its all-in-one approach.

Overall, the CMiC Construction Platform excels in its ability to provide contractors and construction firms with a centralized solution for project management, financial control, and resource optimization. While it offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features, as well as document management capabilities, the user experience could benefit from further refinement, particularly in the area of mobile accessibility.

As an enterprise-level software solution, CMiC may come with a higher price point compared to other construction management software options. This cost may be a barrier for smaller contractors or firms with more limited budgets. Moreover, while there is no precise pricing information available on their website, potential users need to contact their sales team for a tailored quote.

8. Viewpoint Construction Management

Viewpoint homepage

Viewpoint Construction Management Pricing

Available upon request

The Viewpoint Construction Management software encompasses a range of modules that cater to the needs of contractors and builders throughout the project lifecycle, from pre-construction to project closeout. 

The choice between it and the other Procore alternatives depends on factors such as the specific requirements of the contractor or builder, the scale and complexity of their projects, and their budgetary considerations. 

Viewpoint stands out as an advanced platform equipped with a wide array of features and monitoring tools, requiring users to possess a certain level of expertise to effectively utilize its capabilities.

9. UDA ConstructionOnline

Uda online homepage

ConsrtuctionOnline Pricing

Starting at $370 / mo (billed annually at $4,440 / yr)

UDA ConstructionOnline is a project collaboration and communication software that offers a wide range of features and tools. The platform is designed to streamline project coordination and enhance communication among team members. Key functionalities include document management, project scheduling, and various communication tools.

The software enables users to store and organise project documents in a centralised location. Team members can easily access and share these documents, track revisions, and stay updated on the latest project information. This promotes effective collaboration and ensures that everyone is working with the most current versions of project documents.

One standout feature of UDA ConstructionOnline is its focus on communication. The platform provides tools for sending messages, creating discussions, and sharing project updates with team members, subcontractors, and clients. These communication features include internal chats, message boards, inbound emails, and announcements, among others. This fosters efficient and transparent communication within the project team.

However, some users have reported that the software has a steep learning curve. While UDA ConstructionOnline offers robust features, it may take time for users to become fully proficient and maximize the software’s potential. Adequate training and support may be necessary to ensure a smooth transition and optimal utilization of the platform.

10. Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk construction cloud homepage

Autodesk Construction Cloud Pricing

Available upon request

Autodesk, a renowned company in the industry and listed on NASDAQ as ADSK, offers a comprehensive range of software tools specifically designed for engineers, architects, designers, contractors, and other professionals in the construction field. One of their prominent offerings is Autodesk’s Construction Cloud, which incorporates the functionalities of the previously known products BIM 360 and Plangrid, making it a highly sought-after solution.

Due to various acquisitions and subsequent rebranding efforts, the organisation and positioning of Autodesk’s products within the Construction Cloud ecosystem can be initially perplexing. However, once users navigate through the initial complexities, they can unlock a robust set of features that are aimed at streamlining construction processes.

Pricing details for Autodesk’s Construction Cloud are available upon request. It’s worth noting that costs can vary significantly based on the included modules and features. Subscription tiers are determined by the total sheet count, which refers to the number of files or file versions that a user can access. Starting at a relatively affordable price point, the subscription costs can increase rapidly as additional features are added to meet specific project requirements.


Coins homepage


Depends on the application you use. Contact them for more information.

Functioning as a suite of specialized software tools tailored for the construction industry rather than a comprehensive solution, COINS stands as a viable alternative to Procore. 

Coming with an impressive package of features and tools for construction project management, the software may be rather expensive for smaller businesses. The pricing will depend on the modules you need and the size of your business.

Targeting home building, contracting, engineering, and service management businesses, this Procore alternative distinguishes itself by ensuring all COINS applications operate in the cloud. In contrast to other alternatives, which rely on client-server software and necessitate third-party infrastructure for remote access, COINS is not bound by such requirements. As exemplified by COINS, cloud-based functionality presents several advantages, including real-time data access from any device with an internet connection.

Furthermore, it serves as a flexible solution for business scalability. The platform accommodates increased resources without imposing constraints on the number of users, applications, or data volume. Given that certain traditional ERP systems may struggle with substantial data volumes, COINS emerges as a viable choice for expanding companies.

12. RedTeam Go

Redteam go homepage


RedTeam Go Bidding Plan – $165/mo

The Fixed Plan – $1,920/mo

Elastic Plan – Starting from $450/mo

RedTeam Go serves as an integrated solution for construction management, encompassing the entire lifecycle of construction projects, from inviting suppliers for bidding to the final close-out stage.

The platform incorporates modules that address the diverse needs of general contractors, construction managers, and specialty trades businesses. These modules encompass budget preparation, progress documentation, scheduling, accounting documents, and other tools to enhance project organisation efficiency. The cloud-based nature of the platform ensures accessibility to all data from any location and device.

RedTeam Go offers a flexible pricing model with two options – a fixed-price subscription and one based on variable project size. The latter pricing plan is contingent on the Active Project Value (APV), meaning that the more projects are undertaken, the higher the associated costs. Conversely, this pricing model provides a suitable option for businesses with fluctuating project sizes due to seasonality, allowing costs to remain proportional to business activity.

13. Jobber

Jobber homepage


Core – $69/mo

Connect – $169/mo

Grow – $349/mo

In conclusion to our exploration of alternatives to Procore, we introduce Jobber, a user-friendly tool designed to streamline customer communication, service delivery, and billing processes. Unlike some broader Procore alternatives that aim to cover every aspect of your construction business, Jobber focuses on simplifying the fundamental cycle of client-contractor interaction.

Primarily, Jobber automates the five key steps of project management. Initially, all customer requests, including those submitted through your website, are automatically integrated into the Jobber platform. From Jobber, you can efficiently respond, schedule callbacks, or arrange the job without the need for additional tools.

Jobber also covers subsequent stages, such as scheduling visits and submitting jobs for payment. Notably, the platform allows you to create both one-off and recurring jobs, consolidating all relevant information in one centralized location.

By automating and streamlining these straightforward steps, Jobber provides you with the opportunity to reclaim valuable time, allowing you to focus on what you do best—designing and constructing exceptional construction projects.

How to Choose The Best Construction Management Software: 6 Expert Tips

When it comes to choosing construction project management software, you want to ensure that you make the right choice for your needs. To help you in this process, here are six tips that will guide you toward selecting the perfect software to upscale your construction projects:

1. Lay a Strong Foundation

Before diving into the sea of options, take the time to clearly define your project requirements, objectives, and budget. Just like a well-planned blueprint sets the stage for a successful construction project, having a clear understanding of your needs will guide your software selection process.

2. Collaborate with the Internal Team

Experienced construction teams collaborate to make critical decisions. That said, consider involving your project managers, supervisors, and other key team members in the software selection process. Their insights and perspectives will provide valuable input and ensure that the software meets the needs of your entire construction team.

Use construction project management software online

3. Measure Twice, Choose Once

Don’t rush into a decision without evaluating multiple software options. Just as a skilled craftsman double-checks measurements before cutting materials, take the time to research and compare different software providers. Look for features such as document management, scheduling, budget tracking, collaboration tools, and mobile accessibility to ensure they align with your project goals.

4. Nail Down User-Friendliness

The best construction project management software should be as intuitive as a skilled carpenter’s hand guiding a hammer. Ensure that the software is user-friendly and offers a smooth learning curve for your team. Look for clear navigation, comprehensive training resources, and responsive customer support to avoid any hiccups along the way.

5. Opt for Third-Party Integrations

Construction projects involve numerous moving parts, just like a complex puzzle. Ensure that the software you choose can integrate seamlessly with other tools and software your team relies on, such as accounting software, project scheduling tools, or document management systems. This integration will help streamline your workflows and avoid any unnecessary headaches.

6. Lay a Solid Groundwork for Scalability

Consider the future growth of your construction projects and select software that can accommodate your expanding needs. Like a well-built foundation that supports future additions, choose a scalable solution that allows you to add more projects, users, and features as your business grows. This will save you from the hassle of switching software down the line.

Final Considerations

In conclusion, if you’re looking to break free from the constraints of your current construction software and take your efficiency to the next level, our today’s list has got something to offer to cater to your needs.

Yet, to help you make the right decision, we suggest you give it a try to Buildern. This software stands out as a game-changer. Among the dozens of software solutions available in the market, Buildern comes packed with comprehensive features and a user-friendly interface. 

By opting for Buildern as your primary software, you’ll be stepping into the realm of construction management excellence, where countless professionals have unlocked a treasure trove of enhanced project coordination and seamless workflows.

It’s time to upgrade your digital toolbox and experience the benefits of a software solution that is built with your success in mind.

Choose Buildern and start building smarter today!

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