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Construction Invoicing: 5 Steps to Get Paid on Time In 2023

In 2021, 97% out of 764 surveyed construction professionals said they experience stress from slow payments and cash flow problems. This creates a chain reaction of financial hardship for the construction companies, resulting in reduced profits, project delays, etc. But hold on; why should this be the case? Getting your construction invoicing payments on time […]

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Construction WIP (Work in Progress) Report | The Easiest Way to Create It

At some point, construction project management becomes a complex and expensive task. As the project evolves, keeping track of your finances every step of the way is crucial. An older report provided by McKinsey claims that larger projects typically take over 20% longer to finish than the scheduled timeframe. This leads to cost overruns that […]

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Comprehensive Guide to Construction Budgeting | Must-Have Tools

Construction project management requires careful planning and execution to achieve the desired results. While most short-term projects may not require a detailed construction budget, for anything more complex, precise budget planning is a crucial step that can make or break the project. What’s all the fuss about? Construction budgeting is not as simple as allocating […]

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